Linda Anderson began her political career in 1970 during the tenure of William A. Egan, Alaska's first Governor. She served 15 years as legislative staff to republican and democrat leaders of Alaska's legislature. Mrs. Anderson began her successful lobby career in 1985, continuing her influential presence in Alaska's capitol throughout the terms of all of Alaska's legislatures and governors.

Over her 27-year tenure as a registered lobbyist and consultant, Mrs. Anderson has represented a variety of clients and their issues, both public and private. She has secured hundreds of projects and millions of dollars earmarked for municipalities, school districts and non-profit organizations. Mrs. Anderson has extensive experience assisting clients in the resolution of issues emerging when business and government interact, and has obtained client representation on key boards and commissions.

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Yuri Morgan joined the Anderson Group in 2005, bringing with him a diverse background and experience. Mr. Morgan began his career as an engineer in the oil and gas industry, and later, worked as an analyst for an investment management firm. He has served as a staff member in the State Senate and as the Alaska Legislature's representative at the Denali Commission. Prior to joining the Anderson Group, Mr. Morgan worked as an investment officer for the Alaska Retirement and Management Board.

Mr. Morgan earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Geological Engineering from the University of Alaska Fairbanks and an MBA from Australia's Melbourne Business School. He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.

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